Chocolate Pecan Macarons: Take Two

Happy Moanday Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m posting about something I made a few weeks ago. I’m really behind on my posting because I didn’t have internet that one week. However, that means I have so many bakes to share with you.

Some of you will remember that the Great British Bake Off International Challenge for January I participated in was to make Chocolate Pecan Macarons. And if you read that post you remember that my first batch came out looking like dull turds. Shiny turds would have been an improvement! So before January was over, like on the 31st, I snuck in a second batch of macarons.

For this batch, I looked back through my notes and tried to make adjustments based on what I think I did wrong the first time. When I posted my first batch into the group for them to see, they all said the cookies were fine other than being a little burnt. And trust me, this group is brutally honest, and I love them for that. So first, I made sure to pulverize the pecan and sugar mixture to really make sure it was as fine as possible. I also tested my oven at a few different temperatures to make sure that the thermometer was reading correctly so that I didn’t burn this batch.

When I went to pipe this batch, the batter was slightly thinner this time and wasn’t so difficult to pipe. I was able to pipe even, solid rounds as opposed to circular turds. After sitting out for 30 minutes, they had developed that little shell on top and were ready to go into the oven. When they came out, they were perfect. I thought I would cry. They even had adorable little feet!

Chocolate Pecan Macarons. Check out those little feet!

The recipe calls for a dark chocolate ganache to be piped in a circle on the inside of the cookie with melted white chocolate spooned into the middle of the dark chocolate. Apparently I need to work on my chocolate melting skills because, like last time, the white chocolate would not set up. Last time I got the dark chocolate to work, but not this time. I’m pretty sure I burned it. So this time, I just went full on Spiced Cherry Jam in the middle. And honestly, it was way more delicious that the chocolate would have been. It was the perfect complement to the chocolate cookie.

Chocolate Pecan Macaron with Spiced Cherry Jam

So the first batch of these cookies were inedible, although that didn’t stop me from trying. The cookies were so hard I thought I was going to chip a tooth. The flavor was good though. The second batch? Oh my goodness, they were so soft. Like, I had no idea they could be so soft. I don’t know if they needed to be refrigerated, but I decided to go that route. And I was not disappointed. It took me almost a week to get through them, but I sat there and ate one a night after dinner. Mmmm, so good! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! -Jen

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