Baking Challenges

Happy New Year! The beginning of 2019 is already off to a great start. The baking blog I follow,, hosts monthly baking challenges. I started attempting these challenges last year and they are so fun! Sally picks a different kind of food, sweet or savory (baked obviously) for her readers to attempt each month. After you complete the challenge, you upload your picture to Instagram or Facebook and tag her in the post. She and her assistants keep track of the submissions all month long and randomly choose a winner at the end of the month. The prize? Sally’s adoration and a $250 gift card to Amazon. Who doesn’t want that?

I started Sally’s challenges as a way to learn new skills and experiment with different ingredients. I attempted cookie cakes, bread, homemade pie crust, Choux pastry, and cake pops. It was insanely fun! Also, a lot of people participate each month and it’s a really fun community to be a part of. I’ve actually made a few friends through sharing our creations on social media.

Five layer chocolate chip cookie cake

Today starts Sally’s new baking challenge for this month, and for the year! The challenge? Homemade bagels. Now, as I’ve stated before, I’m working on converting my diet to the keto diet/low carb. Clearly bagels are not allowed. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to know and learn how to do it anyway? If you stick around for the rest of the year, you’ll see that most of what I make, I can’t eat. So my family, friends, and co-workers get to reap the benefits of my endeavors.

My ultimate goal is to learn how different ingredients react with each other and to eventually start testing recipes with low carb ingredients like almond or coconut flour. Anyway, that’s a far off dream, but get ready to see some weird creations coming up!

Chocolate Eclairs

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the new year. And remember, New Year’s Resolutions or not, keep chasing your goals and dreams. Failure is part of it, but it shouldn’t be the reason you give up. 🙂  -Jen

Apple Hand Pies Keep an eye out for my bagel making attempts!

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