Matcha Green Tea Smoothies (Low Carb)

Do any of you like to experiment with your food? I know your mom always told you not to play with your food, but c’mon. Live a little. This page is full of the random smoothie concoctions I’ve come up with using Matcha Green Tea powder as the central ingredient. Not a huge tea-flavored person? Me either. In these recipes, the taste of the matcha powder is almost always masked by the other ingredients used.

So these all have the matcha green tea in them, but I tried to mix it up with the different flavors and chose ingredients that not only complement each other, but that also provide other nutritious benefits. I usually take one of these to work with me as breakfast every day. This makes “eating breakfast in the car” so much easier & healthier than stopping for McDonald’s.

The matcha green tea powder keeps me energized and clear headed, the chia seeds or flax seed provide a bit of “body” to the drink as well as fiber, and the different spices or seasonings give it that flavor that keeps you coming back for another sip. Most of the time I throw a bit of fruit in there for antioxidants and maintaining blood sugar levels. I’ve posted the Nutritional Facts in each recipe so you can see how these can fit into your diets. Don’t let that green color scare you, the taste is much better than you’re imagining. I hope to have more variations available soon! These are perfect for breakfast on the go, or for that late night sweet tooth craving.

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