Mustard & Cheddar Loaf

So for the month of February, the British Bake Off International Challenge was to make a Mustard and Cheddar Loaf. I have had some successes with making bread in the past, so I was pretty excited about it. For our challenges, the admins of our little group are choosing recipes from “The Great British Bake Off- Big Book of Baking”. I ordered the book for myself a few weeks ago and it arrived! It’s the little things that make me so happy.


Now here is where I would totally post the recipe, but I could not find it online. You’ll just have to order this wonderful cookbook for yourself to gaze at it’s wonder! Ok, so I hit a couple of bumps with this recipe, as is my lot in life. I’m used to most bread recipes starting with combining the yeast, sugar, and warm water together and letting that sit for about 5 minutes. However, this did not call for sugar, and it said to immediately mix the yeast with the flour and salt. Now salt will kill the yeast if it comes in close contact with it this early so I was a little worried. But again, follow the recipe and see what happens.

So after everything is put together, I let the dough sit for the first rise. After an hour, it had not really risen at all. I was worried that either my yeast was dead before I started, or that the salt had killed it. Now, I should mention that it was about 65 degrees in my apartment and the recipe did not say to let it rise in a warm environment, but at room temperature. As you wish, Paul & Mary.

I completed the next set of steps and formed a loaf with the dough, put it in the bread pan, and let it sit for the second rise inside a sealed plastic bag. After the determined amount of time was up, I could see that there was a little bit of rise, but not nearly what I was expecting. I figured, this will either turn out great, or I’ll have another good entry on my “blooper reel” coming up.

You can see that I am not good at making things even and symmetrical. Oh well. After baking it though, none of the rest of it mattered. It turned out beautifully!

I could not be more happy with the way it turned out. And the best part? The inside was oh so super soft. And the blend of the sharp cheddar cheese and the Dijon mustard was subtle but very present and delicious! All in all, a wonderful challenge. I’m a little sad that I completed it so early in the month. However, the recipe also gives you directions on how to make these into individual rolls. That’s going to need to happen next week I think! Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone! -Jen

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